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Over the past 20 years , the Leather City has maintained the sacred mission of “Building a market, revitalizing an industry, flourishing an economy and enriching the locals”, and has played an important role in the economic and social development of Haining.


First, promote the expansion and promotion of the leather featured industry. The construction of the Leather City provides a good platform for the supply of leather raw materials, commodity trading and information exchange, and creates good opportunities and conditions for the development of leather enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.


Second, promote the rapid development of the tertiary industry. The prosperity of the market in the Leather City has brought flow, material flow, capital flow and information flow and provided a material basis for the development of logistics transportation, communications, commerce, finance, catering, outsourcing service and other tertiary industries. Millions of tourists come from afar every year, breeding the flourishing development of Haining service industry.


Third, increase employment and enrich the masses. The construction of the market in the Leather City and the associated production and services deriving from it have provided a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs. A group of “Bosses” specializing in wholesale sales of leather commodities has been cultivated, enabling them to find a way to become rich. Moreover, many laid-off workers are re-employed, reducing the employment pressure and economic burden on the government. According to statistics, the Leather City has more than 3,200 households, absorbing more than 20,000 direct employment personnel.


Fourth, accelerate the urbanization process, and improve the investment environment in Haining. The flourishing market in the Leather City promotes the development and construction of hotels in surrounding blocks, property and industrial blocks, and drives the development of cities and towns. Because of the establishment of the Leather City, some peasants who used to rely on land to feed themselves enter the city and become new city dwellers. At the same time, after the listing of the Company, the strength of Haining’s state assets has been enhanced, which provides the economic foundation for further improving the investment environment of Haining, and enhances the influence and popularity of Haining’s economy.


Fifth, combining the local characteristics of good place and outstanding people, make full use of the unique commodity advantages to promote the development of tourism. Especially in connection with the tourism of Yanguan Scenic Spot, the tourist special line of “the ancient street with a local color, the tide of Haining and the fashionable Leather City” has promoted the development of Haining’s characteristic tourism industry and prospered Haining’s tourism career.

走过了20年的风雨进程,也与得了业界公认的功绩,下一步,皮革城将继承推动“内函式增进和内涵式扩大”并举的发展战略,背“我看天下 风俗看我”的时髦化和国际化迈进,将继承对峙依托家当、效劳家当、生长家当为主旨,拓展生长范畴,增强内部管理,加速人才培养,进一步夯实“四个中央”(天下皮革加工制造中央、中国皮革展现交易中心、中国皮衣时髦公布中央、长三角旅游休闲购物中心)建立,打造“三个市场”(品牌市场、人文市场、协调市场),为中国皮革家当的生长和海宁经济发展再作新的孝敬。

After 20 years of wind and rain, it has also made recognized achievements in the industry. In the next step, the Leather City will continue to promote the development strategy of “Internal growth and extended expansion” and walk towards the fashion and internationalization that “I see the world and hold the fashion”. It will continue to adhere to the aim of relying on the industry, serving the industry and developing the industry, expand development fields, strengthen internal management, speed up personnel training, further tamp the construction of the “Four centers” (world leather processing and manufacturing center, China leather display and trading center, China leather clothing fashion publishing center and Yangtze River Delta tourism, leisure and shopping center) and build “Three markets” (brand market, humanistic market and harmonious market to make new contributions to the development of China’s leather industry and Haining economy.

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